Why should I join the PTA?
  • It's good for your children as you are your child's most important role model. Showing your children that you value their education will teach them to value it as well.
  • It's good for you as you will get a say at our General PTA meetings. This is a time for you to raise any concerns, suggest ideas and input on how the funds are spent.
  • Build a sense of community by connecting with teachers and other parents thru meetings and events.
  • It's good for the school as it helps supplement the school budget by acquiring key resources as well as reward the teachers with some well earned treats!
  • You will be part of the solution by creating positive solutions to better our children's world.
How much does it cost?
$8. And while we don't keep all of it (some goes to state and national PTA) what we do keep we put towards other events and programs that we support:
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Bounce House and shirts on Fun Day
  • All of the schools showcases and performances.
How do I join?
First, Thank you so much for choosing to join our PTA. We really do appreciate it! We value your time and effort so there is two ways to join:
  1. Online
    1. Go to joinpta.org
      1. Select Arlington ISD for the school district, and Jimmy and Laura Jones Academy Fine Arts and Dual Language as the school name.
      2. Click the submit button
      3. Fill out the all the required fills and you will be added to our membership.
  2. Paper
    1. Attend one of the school events or meetings and fill out the form.